About this project

Workplace Analytics is a suite of products that brings powerful insights to business leaders. These insights can help leaders improve employee well-being, company culture, industry agility, and customer connections.

My role

I was the writer for this project. I collaborated with project managers, engineers, and designers to ensure coherence and functionality.

Style guide

I adhered to the Microsoft Writing Style Guide and brand voice. The core principles are: Warm and relaxed, Crisp and clear, and Ready to lend a hand.


Because the audience is fast-paced business professionals, I had to ensure that the content was clear and quickly digestible. I also had to consider that readers could have varying levels of technical and data analysis expertise, and the content should be accessible for all users.


I first gathered information about the audience and worked to understand their motivations and goals of using the product. I then gathered more information about the data shown to ensure that my content accurately represented the analysis. Finally, I authored several versions of the content and went through a thorough review process with key partners.


The overall interface for this project was tested with live users in a controlled, small release with fast feedback and qualitative usability surveys before being released to all users.


Workplace Analytics continues to be used by leaders at large, multinational companies to take charge of their corporate culture and employee experiences. Customers have said that the insights help to better understand the impact of their business, that they can connect better with their employees, and that the information provided is exactly what their leadership teams are requesting.

Screenshot from Workplace Analytics
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Screenshot from Workplace Analytics