About this project

Trove is a mobile app released in Spring 2020 by the Microsoft Garage as an experimental project. This app is a marketplace for the fair exchange of data, allowing individuals to take control of and be fairly compensated for the use of their data in the development and training of machine learning algorithms.

My role

I was co-writer on this project, and we collaborated with project managers and designers to author content, including concept titles, navigation, descriptions, error messages, and notifications.

Style guide

I adhered to the Microsoft Writing Style Guide and brand voice. The core principles are: Warm and relaxed, Crisp and clear, and Ready to lend a hand.


Because this user interface would be mobile-first, it was important that the content be clear and simple. Additionally, this mobile app covered important topics of privacy, data ownership, and legal considerations, all of which needed to be easy-to-understand.


The content development process was agile and moved quickly, while my co-writer and I developed several iterations. This process involved group brainstorming and independent authoring.


We used A|B tests to check for clarity, quality, and overall user interaction. We also conducted a beta test with Microsoft employees before releasing to the public as an experimental app.


Trove has been well-received by current users, as seen in feedback, downloads, and usage. The team will continue to iterate and improve based on user feedback.

Trove was praised by Microsoft CTO, Kevin Scott.

Screenshots from the first run experience

Screenshots of the main user experience