About this project

Kizuna Home & Garden Solutions is a small business based out of Corvallis, Oregon. They specialize in small repairs, home improvements, and landscape design. Kizuna is a local business that is built on the ideals of honesty, reliability, and friendliness.

My role

Working with the owner, I ideated and designed the final Kizuna logo.


This logo needed to be made for both color and grayscale options, and it needed variability of components for different surfaces and sizes.


I received initial guidance from the owner that he wanted to include distinct elements the embody the core components of the home and garden work. The color palette was flexible, but suggested to incorporate green and purple.

I initially ideated using pen and paper.

After sharing these rough designs and receiving feedback from the owner, I drafted three logos.

After another round of feedback, the third design was chosen with a few final changes requested by the owner. I finished this project by developing variations of this final design.


Kizuna Home and Garden Solutions is very happy with their final logo, and they continue to share the design widely on their website, social media, and other company merchandise.